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The DIRMIN Congress was an opportunity for professionals from Law and related areas interested in the mining industry to know or broad their knowledge on specific aspects of this important productive sector existing not only in Brazil but in several other countries.

The initiative aimed to disclose a contemporary picture of the mining sector and a comprehensive portrait of the international mining activities and related laws in Brazil and worldwide.

In this edition of the Congress studied and evaluated legal concepts, interpretations and perspectives, besides constraints to the development of activities related to the mining sector.

Target audience

The target audience of the 3rd International Congress on Mining Law covered distinct professional categories, such as lawyers of all hierarchical levels serving at the Government, including magistrates, members of the Public Ministry, public defenders, State and Municipal attorneys, police chiefs, federal public lawyers, among others.

The 3rd DIRMIN also counted on the participation of Mining Law leaders and consultants, including the most renowned legal offices from Brazil and abroad, as well as professional associations, executives and technicians involved in developing public policies for this segment, members of the Federal Supreme Court and of Federal Regional Courts, besides politicians.

This was the third edition of the International Congress on Mining Law and brought together approximately 200 participants.


The Brazilian Mining Association (Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração – IBRAM at www.ibram.org.br) is a national, private, non-profit association, which aims to congregate and represent mining industries and related institutions. Its mission is to foster a positive environment for businesses, competition and sustainable development.

Since it was created in December 1976, IBRAM has been showing an outstanding capacity of social articulation involving different actors and sectors of the economy, besides the Executive, the Legislature and Judiciary representatives at federal and regional levels. It has also been an active player near related international associations.

IBRAM members include mining industries, professional associations, employer trade associations, Mining and Environmental Engineering companies, Geology companies, equipment suppliers, technology centers, development banks, among others, totalizing more than 180 members that directly or indirectly co-operate for performing the overall Brazilian mining activities. We invite you to visit our website at www.ibram.org.br and find out more about our role.






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